Shamanic Healing Sessions

Shamanic Sessions

One to one Shamanic Healing Sessions take place in the Spirit Medicine Temple, which is a beautiful and safe space situated in a magical Orchard in the heart of Somerset. Sessions run for 1.5hrs. This work involves Shamanic practices that facilitate a process of transformation in the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies of the individual.  These Shamanic practices are seen as gateways that hold enormous potential in facilitating a tangible movement towards wholeness. Ultimately Shamanic Healing will help you connect to a stronger sense of your true self and your soul purpose.

My work starts with the land. At the Spirit Medicine Temple, we are blessed to be surrounded by nature as well as the many elemental beings that thrive in that space.

I connect with non ordinary reality or the spirit world that is not something separate but exists simultaneously with what we call ordinary reality: I am the bridge, the Guide, facilitator, connecting the two realms within the healing circle, where the safe space is created. That space is held in safety empowering a person to find their deeper truth and connection to their true selves.

This process facilitates healing and support from the Elemental realms of nature and from other dimensions, who offer guidance to the one receiving the healing. These beings I call the shining ones because they appear to me to be made of light or as beings filled with light.

In accepting the multi faceted aspects of the human psyche I invite in truth and am able to help people align themselves to their own truth by helping them to see more clearly, to be empowered. This brings clarity, old paradigms shift, and new perspectives emerge.

I have worked with men and women, babies, young children and teenagers, as well as couples and families.  The reasons people come to work with me range from life transitions, depression, life crossroads, addiction, trauma, cancer and other problems within the physical body.

This work is available to everyone; the cost for a 1.5hr to 2hr one -to-one session is £300. All sessions include a 30 minute check in call and ongoing support.

Concessions and payment plans are available, please get in touch.

I also offer one to one sessions via Zoom or Skype for those that cannot come to the Temple.

To book please get in touch: