Shamanic Ceremonies


Ceremony and ritual can be used in a group process or for an individual.

I love to work with the Elements and the Elemental Beings, and both Ceremony and Ritual lend themselves perfectly to working closely with the many realms of nature. Both practices can provide a direct and uncomplicated way to access the gifts and guidance offered by Spirit and connection to non-ordinary reality or Spirit world. Ceremony and Ritual can also be ways to align within ourselves to our true voice and connect with intention.

The power of nature, I believe, is important to acknowledge so I honour and celebrate the seasonal alignments, which can be powerful times to perform ceremonies. These practices have ancient roots and can provide important focus points for transitions in life such as birth, rites of passage, marriage, and the passing of loved ones.

Each ceremony I lead, whether big or small, is unique, built together into a true expression of the people involved.

Working with Ceremony and Ritual allows for an embodied experience of connection and brings a sense of communion with something bigger than daily life.

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