Shamanic Training


Many people that receive Shamanic healing or in some way experience the world through the lens of Shamanism become interested in learning more about the practices involved. I offer one to one apprenticeships with a tailor-made structure specific to the individual. Small groups can also be arranged, either for a set number of sessions or on an on-going basis.

Shamanism can work wonders for people without them having any idea of what’s involved, and most of the people I see will come for healing sessions and benefit in this way. Apprenticeships are for people interested in learning the mechanisms behind the magic: Shamanism as a daily practice rather than as an occasional session; to find a personal connection with non-ordinary reality; and to first discover, then build on your own creative expression in working with Spirit.

If you are considering venturing deeper in to this world by starting an apprenticeship with me, you should know that this is very much a collaborative approach to accessing the Shamanic path. As teacher, I’m here to guide and support you on what will invariably be a journey of self-discovery, but the path is different for everyone so your own uniqueness will to a large degree inform the way in which we work together. The beautiful and varied practices of Shamanism will open many doors to those with a willingness to embrace them.

This is an experiential process that can be deeply transformational. My aim as teacher is to help uncover the path to your potential and to support you as you journey towards an ever-deepening connection to the authentic truth of your heart.


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